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From Laurent Petit <>
Subject Multiproject and properties inheritence issue ?
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 07:45:42 GMT

I have a multiproject project which I want to use to run the goal 
cruisecontrol:configure over all my aggregated projects.

Since my multiproject project is also monitored by cruisecontrol, I have 
some properties of cruisecontrol set in its file.

And I discovered that those properties are taken into account when the 
cruisecontrol:configure goal is run on the subprojects.

For instance, I have set the maven.cruisecontrol.template in the 
multiproject, which points to a local cruisecontrol.jsl file in the 
multiproject project.
But this file does not exist in the subprojects directories.

The multiproject:goal fails, because the maven.cruisecontrol.template is 
inherited in subprojects from the multiproject project.

I don't think this would be the most desired behaviour, would it ?

Please tell me if you too think this is more an issue than a feature, 
or, if it is a feature, if I'm missing something important about the 
"philosophy" and "best practice" with the multiproject goal ?

Thanks in advance,

Laurent PETIT

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