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From "James Richardson" <>
Subject "Clean" target still requires dependencies
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 11:20:46 GMT


Using cruise, I have a multiproject, but I have some problems running, as
even when running the "clean" target, maven will check the dependencies.
The dependencies will not be there, cause they haven't been built yet, and
so the build will fail.

I run the following goal from cruise (taken from my maven.xml):

  <goal name="fullbuild">
    <attainGoal name="scm:update-project" />
    <attainGoal name="clean" />
    <attainGoal name="multiproject:build" />
    <attainGoal name="multiproject:site" />

  <preGoal name="clean">
        <attainGoal name="multiproject:clean" />

So, if somebody checks in a new module to the project, which has a
dependency of some other module (also not yet checked in), then the build
will fail. This is expected. However, the build will never then complete,
as the next time cruise runs (assuming the other module has been checked
in now), the clean target will run before building. There will be no
dependent project in the cruise repository, while running the clean task,
thus the build will fail again, even though the right code is now there.

The only way to fix the problem is to remove the dependency from the
project, wait until the dependency has built (only once), then you can add
the dependency back into the component project.xml.

Does this sound right?  Would it be fixed by making "clean" not check
dependencies, would this break anything else?

Best Regards,


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