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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Consistent java.exe crash for site:generate
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 23:19:15 GMT
can you get a later 1.4.2 JVM? I'm sure if you scroll the release
notes you'll spot a few crash fixes which might be related.

One suggestion I'd make is to disable the checkstyle and linkcheck
plugins. These are the most resource intensive (unless all your code
is formatted according to rules and all your links are relative :)


On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:15:42 -0700, Guy Davis <> wrote:
> I was hoping that someone may have run into this before.  I'm trying to
> move our current large project using Ant over to Maven for building.
> The jar target works fine.  However when I run site:generate, I can
> consistently get a Windows error report message that java.exe has
> crashed.  This is using 1.4.2_01 (from JBuilderX), Maven 1.0.2, and
> Windows XP SP2.  The error report always occurs before the goal
> completes, but it happens at different steps indicating that it's
> probably memory related or a native JVM thing, rather than a bug in a
> particular plugin.
> I tried setting MAVEN_OPTS to '-Xmx700m -server' but it didn't help.
> Any other ideas?  Is there a way to run each sub-goal of site:generate
> one by one to see if I can isolate the problem.  I really would like to
> move to Maven, so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Let me know if
> I can provide any more information that would help.
> Thanks,
> Guy

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