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From Alexander Rupsch <>
Subject Re: Can I do this with maven?
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 18:16:48 GMT
Hi Brett,

> Have you read the articles about J2EE linked from the Maven website?
> Here is a newer unpublished version of that document:

I read some of the articles and I think I have some basic knowledge now.
But there are still questions.

What I want is the following:

* I want the solution (the point where all peaces are clued together for
a customer) to know about its modules, but the modules can't
know about there solution since there are many solutions which use a
module (so I can't use extend in the module pom)

* If a war is created for a solution the build should take care that the
newest version of a module/branch of module is used (or a specific
version if configured).

* In the build process a solution defines which resources are taken from
a module and which are provided by the solution itself. This is one way
to individualize a solution (for example using different xsl stylesheet
to render frontend GUI)

The dependencies in the pom are only used to get something from the
repository, right? so I have to use multiproject or reactor itself.
But these are pure documented.

But I can show how I would setup the overall build process maybe you can
give some hints.

1.) the solution maven.xml has to handle the checkout of all needed
modules in the right version/branch. can I use the version control
plugin to do that? Any examples? Is it easy to provide a list of cvs
modules which should be checked out?

2.) now all the stuff is there and I have to call some goals on the
modules to compile, maybe test and whatever a module needs to be build.
(this is defined in the pom/maven.xml of the module)
Can you hint me to examples?

3.) After that I have to collect the results and build the final
solution war. Well, maybe I could use the artifact of every module, but
a module delivers different stuff beneath java classes (xslt, xml, css,
images) which is sometimes overwritten by the solution.

Do you know a project which needs a similar build process?

My knowledge of ant is (so I think) good enough to implement this in the
old fashion ant way (maybe whith the help of antlion or something else).
But I also would like to use the stuff provided by maven since I think
it could help to make the build system more reusable (maybe as plugin).
Also I think jelly is more powerful then ant....


Alexander Rupsch

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