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From Randy>
Subject Re: Multiproject without the jars
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 17:49:44 GMT
Hmm... you sure it involves copying files around.  I was planning on 
setting the output classes directories (subproject/target/classes) in 
the classpath of higher-level subprojects.

Then, I'd run multiproject:goal with -Dgoal=java:compile?  Any reason 
this wouldn't work?

Would this involve overwriting the default java:compile goals?  I guess 
what I'm asking is how one can add directories to the default compile 


Brett Porter wrote:

>The only way would be to copy class files around, but its not recommended.
>Jarring doesn't take very much time at all and makes everything a lot cleaner.
>If Jarring takes time, is it really that the test step in between
>java:compile and jar:jar is slow?
>This is a separate problem - there are ways to disable tests for
>development, but its also  highly recommended you run them if they are
>effective. If they are slow, perhaps you have some integration or
>performance tests in there and should split them into special
>integration test projects that can be run before releases instead of
>every build.
>- Brett
>On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 17:14:18 -0500, Randy Xu <> wrote:
>>I have a multiproject project with the following subprojects:
>>* maven.root - the multiproject root
>>* app-lib
>>* app-jms (depends on lib)
>>* app-gui (depends on lib, jms)
>>I'd like to be able to run java:compile on all of them and just generate
>>the .class files.  Then I realized this is easier said than done.
>>They're currently set up to reference the jar files generated in an
>>earlier module.  That is, the app-jms compilation process depends on
>>Jarring takes time, and it's not neccessary to run the application so
>>I'd like to avoid it except for the distribution build.  Any easy way to
>>not build jar files in a multiproject setup?

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