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From "Eric Black" <>
Subject Re: Trying to create developer group plugin
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 21:37:16 GMT
Thanks for all of your help everyone. I used the dependency method, which
I found to be much superior to plugin:download or plugin:install since a
user may not have permissions to install a plugin into the
MAVEN_HOME/plugins directory. With the dependency method, I found it
difficult to upgrade the plugin unless I manually deleted what was
installed or specified SNAPSHOT as the version. After reading some older
mailings(specifically between Ben Gridley and Brett Porter), I used
modified Ben's script as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


  <goal name="ccplugin:delete">
    <j:forEach var="dep" items="${pom.dependencies}">
      <j:if test="${dep.type =='plugin'}">
        <maven:get plugin="${dep.artifactId}" property="plugin"
var="plugin" />
        <!-- Clean out the cache files -->
        <attainGoal name="plugin:uninstall" />                            

        <!-- Set the variables -->
        <j:set var="groupId" value="${dep.groupId}"/>
        <j:set var="artifactId" value="${dep.artifactId}"/>
        <j:set var="version" value="${dep.version}"/>
        <j:set var="pluginname" value="${artifactId}-${version}"/>
        <!-- Check if the plugin is in the main maven plugins directory -->
        <ant:available property="mainplugin"
file="${maven.plugin.dir}/${pluginname}.jar" />
        <j:if test="${mainplugin == 'true'}">
          <ant:echo message="${maven.plugin.dir}/${pluginname}.jar is in
the main maven plugins directory" />
          <!-- This is kindof dangerous as it would effect all users and
may fail if not owned by the user -->
          <ant:delete file="${maven.plugin.dir}/${pluginname}.jar" />"

        <!-- Remove from the user's plugin directory. -->
        <ant:available property="userplugin"
file="${maven.plugin.user.dir}/${pluginname}.jar" />
        <j:if test="${userplugin == 'true'}">
          <ant:echo message="Removing '${pluginname}' from
'${maven.plugin.dir}'" />
          <ant:delete file="${maven.plugin.user.dir}/${pluginname}.jar" />"

        <!-- Remove from the user's cache directory. This isn't really
necessary since we'll delete 
             the jar in the repository which will cause the plugin to be
re-downloaded --> 
        <ant:available property="usercache"
file="${maven.plugin.unpacked.dir}/${pluginname}" />
        <j:if test="${usercache == 'true'}">
          <ant:echo message="Removing ${pluginname} from
${maven.plugin.unpacked.dir}" />
          <ant:delete dir="${maven.plugin.unpacked.dir}/${pluginname}"
includeEmptyDirs="true" />

        <!-- Remove from the user's repository directory. -->
        <ant:available property="userrepoplugin"
file="${maven.repo.local}/${groupId}/plugins/${pluginname}.jar" />
        <j:if test="${userrepoplugin == 'true'}">
          <ant:echo message="Removing '${pluginname}' from
'${maven.repo.local}'" />
file="${maven.repo.local}/${groupId}/plugins/${pluginname}.jar" />


I think this kind of functionality might be useful in the main Maven
plugin plugin. I'm adding this to jira for the maven-plugin-plugin project
as a 'wish' issue type.


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