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From Bent André Solheim <>
Subject Re: Generating eclipse .classpath files
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2004 08:11:37 GMT
Hi Claudius,

personally I would have split them into several smaller subprojects
and added dependencies in the coresponding project.xml's. It's easier
to maintain that way. For most of my projects I use a naming
convention on the project names;


This way you can develop and test the ejb's without touching the
cocoon-stuff, and vice versa. You may find that the ejb's stabilize
before the web (on my projects, my experience is that the model is
stable before the presentation), so when you work on the web part, you
don't have to worry about building the ejb's every time you want to
perform a test deployment.

On a side note, I have seen different organizations of subproject
directories than the one I use. I believe (not sure, though) that
maven2 uses a different approach. If you want to be sure to do it the
right way, you should perhaps do a little more research...

Hope this helps

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 17:31:17 +0100, Claudius Spellmann
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok I can generate multiple classpath files for now and as you said
> merging them shouldn't be a huge problem.
> The reason why I was asking was that we're having EJB's ,Cocoon forms
> and others managed in one eclipse project.
> All together they are one big thing and it wouldn't make sense to split
> them up into many eclipse projects. (What a shame that eclipse doesn't
> support sub- projects)
> How would you manage projects like this ??? Many eclipse projects even
> if it should be one (logic whise)
> or put them all into one big project.
> thanks
> Claudius
> Bent André Solheim schrieb:
> >Hi Claudius,
> >
> >I do not know if I understood your questing correctly, but if you ask
> >if it is possible to use the maven eclipse plugin to generate
> >.classpath and .project files, the answer i yes. I have been using it
> >for quite some time, and frankly cannot see myself getting by without
> >it. ;)
> >
> >Invoking "maven eclipse" from the command line in a folder with a
> >project.xml file should do the trick.
> >
> >If you ask if it is possible to use the maven eclipse plugin to
> >generate a general .project and .classpath file for several projects
> >using the multiproject plugin, I'm not sure. I have never found myself
> >in a situation where this was an issue. However, I don't think it
> >would be a major undertaking to merge the multiple .classpath files,
> >as you observed, into one. Perhaps you should look into that as a post
> >goal to the target you invoke or something.
> >
> >Hope this helps.
> >
> >Best regards,
> >Bent André
> >
> >
> >On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 12:05:01 +0100, Claudius Spellmann
> ><> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>Is it actually possible to generate eclipse classpath files in maven
> >>like the .project files ???
> >>When I use the eclipse plugin maven is generating an empty classpath
> >>file and when i fiddle around with the multiproject plugin maven is
> >>generating multiple classpath files for each subproject. But I need one
> >>general classpath file that contains all the classpath entries.
> >>
> >>Is it actually possible or has anybody done this before ?
> >>
> >>thanks
> >>Claudius
> >>
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