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From "Geoffrey" <>
Subject Re: Looking for ideas for Maven presentation at Javapolis
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 00:33:18 GMT

I am (hopefully) coming to your presentation.
I would love to hear more about multiproject, dist, releasing, etc. both for
J2SE only (desktop apps) and for J2EE.
Also combining Maven with an IDE (for example IntelliJ) or CruiseControl
would be nice.
Especially some guidelines on how to organize a multiproject would be
- Which project.xml creates the site, which the bin/src distributions, which
deploys to the app server, does the testing, ...?

With kind regards,

"Vincent Massol" <> schreef in bericht
> Dear Maven users/developers,
> I have been asked to do a Maven presentation at Javapolis 2004
> (mid-december). I have done several presentations in the past about Maven
> but I don't like to do the same presentation over and over.
> I'm looking for feedback from Maven users on what they would like to hear
> about if they were attending this presentation. What are the Maven areas
> that you would be interesting in hearing about? I doesn't have to be on
> Maven itself but it could be things like "how to map Maven to an Agile
> development process?", etc.
> I'm also looking for feedback from Maven developers on topics that they
> think would be nice for users to hear about.
> In about a week from now I'll send the detailed agenda for the
> (I need to make it visible on the Javapolis web site). It would be great
> I could get some ideas from you before that.
> Thanks a lot for your input
> -Vincent

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