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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Project Distribution Process
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 01:50:21 GMT
> When I build a distribution of a project I want Maven to put that newly compiled jar into
a central repository so that other projects can reference to it in project.xml. Would this
newly created jar go into the same repository that holds all my third party jars? If thats
the case then I'd have to create my own central repository and not use the public one?

Correct. It can be file, ftp, ssh or HTTP based for publishing. It
must be HTTP or file based for retrievieng.

You use jar:deploy to do that. The artifact plugin reference contains
the required properties.

> The other thing I was wondering, in the documentation it says the optional source repository
information in project.xml is used in the distribution process but thats about it. What can
I do with this? 

It is mostly used for reports such as changelog.

> Can I for example have maven create a new branch everytime I distribute a new version?

The scm plugin does do a little bit of this, though it focuses on
tagging releases, not branching.

> Does the eclipse plugin automatically generate cvs connection info when it creates the
eclipse project files?

Theoretically (ie, it could, but I'm not sure if it does).


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