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From Jeffrey Mutonho <>
Subject including dependencies in zip file
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 11:28:41 GMT
Hi guys

We use Maven to build a distribution for one of our webapps. 
Currently we successfully build a zip file containing the webapp .war
file and many web pages making up the standard maven documentation and
some reports etc. What we would like to do is to also include in the
zip file the jar files that the app is dependent on, i.e. those listed
in the <dependencies/> tag in project.xml.  Please advise of an
elegant way we can accomplish this.  One way of doing this is to
define a post goal where we manipulate the contents of the zip file,
but we are trying to avoid having to define the set of jars twice in
xml, i.e. we want to re-use the <dependencies/> set.

jeff mutonho

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