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From "Andreas Guther" <>
Subject Reading properties and re-using them as part of another key to read from a property file
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 02:28:28 GMT
A colleague of mine has some problems with reading properties from a
property file and re-using them as part of another key.
The problem is basically that we first read a value from a property file
and then want to re-use this value as part of another key to read
another value from that property file.
This is his question, maybe someone can help.
Hi all,
My question involves a little explanation, so I hope it makes sense... 
I have a properties file that defines a property, which in turn form the
basis of extended property names:
Depending on what name.switch is, I need to read different properties
(name-1.prop-1 in this case).  So the kind of thing I need when
accessing the property is something like:
<j:set var="temp.db.username" value="${${name.switch}.prop-1"}/>
I found out that in ant, I could do it by using the ant-contrib library.
However, how do I do it in maven?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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