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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [jalopy][antlr] Making Jalopy massage the generated ANTLR output
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 17:10:00 GMT

I've worked a cludge to get the Jalopy Plugin to clean up the generated 
source files from the ANTLR Plugin.  Here's why its a cludge.  First the 
ANTLR Plugin generates files into target/antlr which is a pretty good 
way to go; this way 'clean' goals remove all the unecessary generated 
stuff.  The problem is there is no property I can set which makes Jalopy 
capable of scrubbing source files anywhere except under src/java or 
src/test.  So I just make ANTLR generate into src/java.  This is the 
cludge.  Of course I have a post goal to find and cleanup generated 
files.  But why do that if its not right.

Now I ask, is there anyway I can get Jalopy to format code anywhere 
other than in src/java?

It would be nice to have this for all code generating plugins so we can 
format output right after generation.  This would make all the nasty 
yellow ticks in Eclipse or IDEA go away for generated code.  Oh and yes 
I tried using filters in the ide to get rid of complaints but this has 
major problems too and in the end the code stays ugly :(.


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