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From Eric Giguere <>
Subject Re: deploy custom artifact's type
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:09:28 GMT
Hi Stéphane

I've develop a completely new distribution plugin that I called 
uber-dist. Its goal is to allow maven users to build "complex" 
distributions. At work here, we build a server application based on a 
commercial framework. Distribution mechanism currently in maven are not 
suited for that kind of project...well...not for its deployment anyway.

The new distribution plugin works more or less like the xdoc plugin, 
that is based on a registration. You project must register with the 
plugin and then the plugin will call a custom goal that you write in 
your project to perform all imaginable operations required to build your 

I will maybe submit this plugin through someday, to source-forge or 
somewhere else but if you (or anybody that is) are interested, I can 
send it directly to you and you can play with it.


Stéphane Nicoll wrote:

>Hello list,
>We are using the listfoot compare tool to compare changed files between two releases.
Is there an easy way to deploy custom arfiacts in maven (I am thinking about the CSV file
generated by listfoot).
>Typically, I would have a dependency on the previously CSV file to compare it with the
current one. Is there something about this in the deploy/artifact plugin?
>Stéphane Nicoll
>Business Solutions Builders
>Place de l'Université 25/10
>B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve

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