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Subject Re: CruiseControl, Maven, modificationsets
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 14:51:18 GMT

If the project you are dependent upon is also being built by CruiseControl,
you can add a <buildstatus> element inside the modificationset like so:

      <buildstatus logdir="/usr/local/cruisecontrol/logs/dependentProject">

This basically states that anytime a new build of dependentProject occurs, build the project
even if there are no changes in cvs.

What this won't do is always build dependentProject first. That is, if you make changes in
both projects, there's no guarantee that dependentProject
goes first. I'd like to see that feature
added somehow.


P.S. This topic probably makes more sense on the CruiseControl mailing list.

Nigel Magnay <> on 10/07/2004 06:05:58 AM

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Subject:    CruiseControl, Maven, modificationsets

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Hi people

We're using CruiseControl and Maven quite happily for individual
project builds and larger 'continuous integration' type stuff.

Cruisecontrol gets launched with the cvs modificationset detecting
whether there have been any changes to a part of the cvs repo relevant
to that project.

It would be very useful to have an additional modificationset that
used the maven dependency list in order to find out if any of the
dependencies has been modified in the local (or maybe remote) repo.

I think it might be relatively easy to call out to maven to get it to
show the timestamp for all the dependencies that it is going to use,
and compare them to a previously stored list.

Has anyone already written anything like this?

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