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From rakesh bhakta <>
Subject Native-Plugin - library name
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:14:44 GMT
I am trying to use the maven-native-plugin and have found some success
running the HelloWorld sample on both a cygwin/window and a linux
enviroment after manually renaming the library file.

The issue I have is with the resulting library name from the
HelloWorld maven build.

1) Why does the library name have a "lib" prefix ? Is this a bug ?  In
the HelloWorld sample, this prefix is causing the
System.loadLibrary("native-helloworld-1.0"; to fail . My build creates
a library called  I believe the intent
might have been to create a directory "lib/".

2) Why must the lib name have a .so extension ?  It is not
overridable, and thus build not approriate for cygwin/windows.

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