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From Ben Truitt <>
Subject Changelog error with CruiseControl
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 02:36:09 GMT
Hi All -
  I'm trying to use CruiseControl to automate Maven for our multiple
projects.  I'm getting an error in the Changelog processing when I use
CruiseControl to run maven.  I don't get this error when I run "maven
multiproject:site" manually.
  The relevant portion of my CruiseControl config.xml is:
<schedule interval="10">

  The error I'm getting is this:

    [echo] Generating the Change Log...
    [echo] Generating the changelog report
SCM Working Directory: C:\Maven\Athena
SCM Command Line[0]: p4
SCM Command Line[1]: -p
SCM Command Line[2]: jules:1666
SCM Command Line[3]: filelog
SCM Command Line[4]: -tl
SCM Command Line[5]: //depot/athena/...

org.jdom.IllegalDataException: The data "
<author><![CDATA[jburgin]]></author>" is not legal for a JDOM CDATA section:
CDATA cannot internally contain a CDATA ending delimiter (]]>).
        at org.jdom.CDATA.setText(
        at org.jdom.CDATA.<init>(

I'd sure appreciate any advice you might have. 


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