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From "Andreas Guther" <>
Subject AspectJ Problem: taskdef class cannot be found
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 14:39:42 GMT

I am using Maven 1.0 with the aspectj plugin 3.2, and aspectj 1.2.  I am
also using eclipse 3.1M1 with the latest aspectj plugin.

I have no problems compiling and running my project with aspects within
the eclipse environment using the eclipse aspectj plugin.

When I try to use the maven aspectj:compile goal (from command line or
using the MevenIDE) I get the following error:

File...... C:\Documents and
Element... ant:taskdef
Line...... 141
Column.... 87
taskdef class cannot be found
Total time: 12 seconds
Finished at: Thu Oct 21 07:24:49 PDT 2004

I have tried to put the aspectjtools.jar in different locations, for
example the jre/lib/ext, the maven lib and the maven lib directory but
no success.

I have also declared the aspectjtools as dependency in my project:


My are set to the following:

maven.aspectj.source = 1.4
maven.aspectj.fork = true

Nothing seems to enable maven to pickup the AcjTask, which is obviously
in the aspectjtools jar.

Any idea where what I have to configure to get the maven aspectj:compile
to work?

Of course I could generate my jar file within eclipse and the eclipse
aspectj plugin, but that does not help to compile on the build server.

Thanks in advance for any hint or help.


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