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From Christopher L Merrill <>
Subject [MEP] How to build the mevenide-ui-eclipse plugin?
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 20:43:02 GMT
I'm trying to use Maven to build Eclipse plugins.  Directed here from
the Maven list, I find MEP - which looks like it must do what I need,
since it would be used to build the Mevenide plugin for Eclipse.

I was having difficulty figuring out how to use it, so I figured if
I could download the mevenide-ui-eclipse source from CVS and build it
using Maven/MEP, I could figure out most of what I needed from there.

Great, except it needs the other Mevenide dependencies...which it
cannot find.  Is there a repository that I should add to my Maven
config for these dependencies?

So anyway, I grab the big Mevenide zip and pull out the libs I need
and pop them into my repository manually.  So I'm ok on the Mevenide
dependencies...but the Eclipse jars are not found either.  So I start
copying them from my Eclipse folders and renaming them to match the
Maven naming convention.  But then find that I don't have some of
the Eclipse plugins that are needed.  rats.

Ok - so what am I missing?  Can this stuff only be built on the
mevenide site?  Where can I get these strangely-named Eclipse


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