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From Chad Woolley <>
Subject Current best practices for automating deployment to Weblogic 8?
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 06:06:36 GMT

I am wanting to automate deployment of our WARs / EARs to Weblogic 8 under 
Maven, scheduled via Anthill Pro.

I'm wondering what is the latest and greatest way to do this, right now.

There seem to be several options available:

* Cargo (which we are already using for Jetty, but doesn't have WL8 support yet)

* the Maven appserver/J2EE plugins (but these don't seem to support deployment 
to an existing remote container???)

* Rolling my own with calls to SCP (probably via ant's SCP target) and 
Weblogic's native container start/stop/deploy control support.

Can anyone provide input on which of these (or some other) would be the path of 
least resistance?  Pointers to publicly accessible working examples would be great.

Thanks a lot,

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