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From Gisbert Amm <>
Subject Re: extra files in META-INF
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 09:29:00 GMT
I don't know, if this is the right approach, but I solved a similar 
problem by simply adding a preGoal to my maven.xml which is copying the 
file into the WEB-INF directory before the build starts:

       <preGoal name="java:prepare-filesystem">
         <copy file="tld/widgets.tld" toFile="WEB-INF/widgets.tld" />

This would allow you to place the "source" files at any place where it 
is convenient for you.

As I said: I just did it like that not knowing if this is "the right 
way" or best practise or the "standard way" or something like that. But 
I don't mind since it does what I need.

Gisbert Amm

Charles N. Harvey III wrote:
> Hello.
> I am trying to use Hivemind and it requires that my config files get placed
> in the META-INF directory of my jar file.  So far, from the jar plugin, I
> can't seem to figure out where I should place these files and what 
> properties
> I have to set to get them built into the jar.
> project/
>    /src/
>       /main/
>          /java/
>          /resources/
>          /descriptor/
>             my-modules.xml
> Everything in /resources/ gets into the top level "directory" of the 
> compiled
> jar.  But how do I get files into project.jar/META-INF/?  Should/can I 
> put them
> in /descriptor/?  Should I put them somewhere else?  The only options 
> that I can
> see in the jar plugin are to add extra information to the file that Maven
> generates.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> Charlie
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