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From Milos Kleint <>
Subject [ANN] Mevenide 0.3 for Netbeans 4.0 beta2
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 09:30:28 GMT
The mevenide team is pleased to announce the Mevenide Netbeans project 
0.3 release!

The project's aim to to provide Maven project type support for the Netbeans
IDE 4.0. The features include recognition of Maven projects, setup of the
project in the IDE, running Maven, editor support for configuration 
files etc.

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o New Maven project templates for creation of Maven plugins and Netbeans
o Added definition of autoupdate server for
o Improved dependencies display and classpath resolution, adding
  generated sources to Project view and to the classpath/completion.
  Also adding ear sources to Project view.
o Most POM properties are already editable in the Properties... dialog. 
  also possible to move definitions between the project's POM file and the
  parent POM it's extending.
o To maven.xml and plugin.jelly files added completion of plugin variables.
  The list is taken from the maven plugin cache. For each plugin the file is scanned to get the variable keys. Starts
  completing after "maven." is typed in any attribute value.

Uncounted bug fixes integrated.

This version was tested with Netbeans 4.0 beta2.

Have fun!
-The mevenide team

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