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From Gilles Dodinet <>
Subject [ANN] Mevenide for Eclipse 0.3.0
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 07:03:29 GMT
The mevenide-ui-eclipse team is pleased to announce the Mevenide Eclipse 

This version adds a few new features : ability to autolaunch maven, and 
browsing and searching.

because Eclipse 3.1M2 adds some API changes there are two different 
update sites :
3.0.x and 3.1M1 users should use the following update site :
3.1M2 users can update through the usual update site :

More information is available at

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Add Maven Nature and Builder. Allows to enable/disable goals on a
  per-pattern basis. Also allows to auto-trigger goals.
o Add a remote Maven repository browser and Search Engine based on 

  Fixed bugs:

o Added a preference to control the location of tools.jar. Issue:
o Update site generation now uses zip task instead of jar. Issue:
o Missing ~/ does not cause synchronization to fail 
  Issue: MEVENIDE-71.
o Now checks that maven_home, java_home and tools_jar are correctly defined
  before trying to launch. Issue: MEVENIDE-70.
o Fix odd focus behavior in the Maven Project Wizard. Issue: MEVENIDE-66.
o Corrected synchronization behaviour for dependencies specifying
  &amp;lt;jar/&amp;gt; element. Issue: MEVENIDE-57.
o Closing square bracket doesnot break anymore jelly syntax highlighting.
  Issue: MEVENIDE-56.
o Fix NPE if jar override is on but no dependencies are present in POM
  (typically occured when using inheritance). Issue: MEVENIDE-55.
o POM editor pages are now correctly updated. Issue: MEVENIDE-23,


o POM Editor Overview page Heading correctly updated when changing POM 
o Dynamic preference pages donot rely anymore on explicit plugin 

Have fun!

-The Mevenide team

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