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From Chad McHenry <>
Subject anchor names of sections and subsections
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:28:43 GMT
A good and bad thing that the xdoc plugin does, is to generate <a
name="foo"></a> tags in the generated XHTML for each section and
subsection. This is good because we can now link to them. 
Unfortunately, the link name is generated from the "name" of the
[sub]section, so you get unwieldy anchor names like <a
name="What_Do_You_Think_of_This__this is

I'd like to see the section/subsection tags suppport an "id" attribute
which is used to generate the anchor tags. Presumably the fastest way
to see this happen is to do it myself and submit a patch, so the
question is: should it be done in the maven-xdoc-plugin, or as a change
to Velocity's Anakia? Of course any comment/criticism is welcome.


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