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From Anatol Pomozov <>
Subject MavenProxy CGI script
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 19:12:51 GMT
Hello maven-users,

I'm using Maven in my current project and I would say that is great
product which eliminates problems with jar dependecies almost to zero.

So we have central maven repository in intranet where each developer can
get artifacts. I the HOMEDIR developer should set maven.repo.remote property
set as a list of repository urls.

Problem that we have poor internet channel and it slows down maven
startup. I beleive that occures cause a lot of artifacts has no .md5
files. They are absent in ibiblio repository and in local repository
of cause too. And each time maven starts it tries to download files
from remote repository.

So I decide to use Maven-Proxy tool from codehaus which allows
developers team to use single repository.

But when I have tried to install this application I found that
Maven-Proxy is too crude. So I decided to write simple script on PERL
which emulates MavenProxy. Fortunately we have Apache web server under
Windoze and install CGI script is not a problem. See this script in

Some clarification. Script do not downloads .md5 file from ibiblio
repository. file contains such configurable
parameters as log file, repository list.

Also you need to setup apache. See sniplet from my apache.conf file it
has very simple configuration.

Alias /maven/ "D:/javalib/maven/repository/"

<Directory "D:/javalib/maven/repository">
    Options Indexes MultiViews 
    AllowOverride None
    ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "D:/cgi-bin/"

Thats all. Hope it help you in your work.


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