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From Ben Anderson <>
Subject Re: Build setup for multiple "small projects" that are related
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:28:39 GMT
> Thanks for the quick reply.
To jog your memory - I was in one of your D.O. Tech classes a couple years back
when I was with Paychex.  Just paying my respects to the teacher ;-)  You also
introduced me to gvim, for which I am ever grateful.

> 1. Each "sub project" has its own artifacts (jar files).  Would i just
> put them down in the lower project.xml files?
not too sure what you're asking here...  Are you asking where the jar will be
placed after it is built?  If so, you can specify that in the
property.  However, you probably want to leave this as the default
(${basedir}/target).  Should you need to use this jar as a dependency in
another project, you'll want to do jar:install.  The subproject's project.xml
will be where you specify information specific to that jar, such as the make up
of the jar, the name of the jar, etc.

> 2. When I want to build, for example, the web-services piece, where
> would I do the maven command, and what goal would that be?
from the web-services directory (where your subproject's project.xml is)
maven jar:jar
maven is all about plugins.  On maven's home page, click on references->plugins.

> 3. It seems like if I don't use the built in structure, the built in
> goals don't work very well as they "assume" one source directory.
bingo.  Maven can be rather intrusive as far as directory structures, jar
contents, etc.  This is one of the reasons so many ant supporters are unwilling
to adopt maven.  However, like anything else, in order to enforce reuse,
standards must be made and enforced.

Something else it seems you've been hinting at is the reactor.  Using it, you
can recursively call subproject goals from a higher directory.  You would
create a custom goal which you write in jelly and various tag libraries.  The
reactor is invoked from the jelly:maven taglib.  You can find this by clicking
"references->maven jelly tags" from maven's home page.


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