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Subject Re: struts module maven plugin
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 08:08:59 GMT
I just start a similar work. I use multiproject to create a webapp 
structure where the web application could be the maven main project or 
only a sub project and the modules are sub project. This part of my plugin 
should work. 

I plan to add the possibility to use war artifact as struts module, unzip 
them .. as you see. I have an other plugin that do the same thing so it 
will not be really are to adapte it.

The plugin isn't online actually because some fonctionnality are not 
finish ! But I start a sourceforge project for it I can commit the actual state 
if you when to take a look.


Nathan Coast <>
01/09/2004 05:25
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I'm thinking of developing a maven plugin for struts modules.  I want to 
check that this 
isn't being done by anyone else and to get feedback from the struts / 
maven communities.

The idea came from working on LogWeb  When 
producing distros I have to produce a number of builds, including 
instructions on how to 
install each of them within your application.

1) standalone web app
2) module for bundling within struts web application
3) module for bundling within non-struts web application

It then occured to me that this process would be made easier if I split 
the project into two:
1) a web application
2) a struts module
It then followed that a struts module maven plugin would be useful to 
automate the process 
of packaging modules and installing them into web applications.

Some possible advantages of this approach to assembling web-applications:
1) automate process of bundling 3rd party web application modules within 
your web-app - 
e.g logweb, pow2acl etc. etc.
2) reduced build size / deploy time.  If you have a large multi-module 
web-app, during 
development you could split your project into modules compiling & 
deploying only the 
modules you're currently working on.

what this plugin could do
1) assemble modules and install them in the repo
2) obtain dependent modules and unzip them into a web-app at assembly time
3) modify web.xml to add module <init-param>


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