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From Jose Gonzalez Gomez <>
Subject [newbie] Setting system properties, attaining goals in subprojects
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2004 18:34:04 GMT

    Hi there,

    First question: I want to call multiproject:goal from maven.xml, 
I've done it as shown below:

    <goal name="myProject:eclipse">
        <ant:property name="goal" value="eclipse"/>
        <attainGoal name="multiproject:goal"/>

    Is this the correct/best way to do it? Is this the way to 
set/override system properties? What about properties defined in May them be overriden the same way?

    Second question: I want to attain a goal in a subproject, I've done 
it as shown below:

    <goal name="myProject:jboss-package" prereqs="myProject:aplicacion">
        <maven:reactor basedir="${basedir}/../contenedores/jboss" 
includes="project.xml" goals="jboss:package"/>

    Is this the correct/best way to do it?

    Thanks in advance, best regards

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