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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: jar override paths
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:22:03 GMT
Adam Fisk wrote:

> Hi Everyone-
> I'm using the jar override property to use local jars in two projects.
> One project uses the reactor to call the build of the other project.
> The problem is that each project includes a property
> "maven.myproject.jars" specifying the location of the jar files.  In one
> file, this reads:
> maven.myproject.jars = ../../../../lib/jars
> While in another it reads:
> maven.myproject.jars = ../lib/jars
> I then specify my jar override jars as in the following:
> maven.myproject.myjar = ${maven.lib.jars}/myjar.jar
> One project.xml inherits from the other, inheriting all properties.  As
> a result, only one of these directories works depending on where you
> are.  If I go to one project, I have to uncomment or comment out the
> "maven.myproject.jars" property from the other project.  I've tried
> using the jelly tag to make these paths absolute, but the jar resolution
> and "download" happens before any code in maven.xml is executed, so this
> just doesn't work.  Can I maybe declare the properties somewhere other
> than  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Since you mension inheriting, I assume you have a multpproject.
Use ${maven.multiproject.basedir}

- Jörg

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