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From Andreas Guther <>
Subject Re: MP PDF - Jimi image librarry not available
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 12:00:38 GMT

Thank you for your answer.  I put the jimi jar into the lib directory, but
still get the same error message.  Looks like there is more missing.  I 
out the bug report you were mentioning.  Since you are assigned to the 
bug report you
might be able to help with the additional problem: 

Where do I get the jai_core-1.1.2.jar  and jai_codec-1.1.2.jar ???

Maybe I am just to blind to see or I am having other problems, but I am not
able to spot the the jar files in any of the downloadable packages on 
the Java
Jai section.  Are those any existing files I have to rename?


Arnaud HERITIER wrote:

>Hello Andreas,
>	You must put your Jimi jar in your maven/lib directory because these
>classes must be accessed from the plugin (there an issue opened for
>this problem :
>	Be careful, because there are always some bugs with images and
>relative links if you use subdirectories in your documentation:
>On Sun, 29 Aug 2004 13:37:36 -0700, Andreas Guther
><> wrote:

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