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From Adam Fisk <>
Subject automated eclipse projects
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 01:40:02 GMT
Does anyone know if any of the eclipse related plugins will allow you to 
actually add the projects to Eclipse without having to manually go in 
and create each one using File->New->Project?  I love the way you can 
just do, for example:

"maven -Dgoal=eclipse multiproject:goal"

I'd also like, however, if there was a similar command that would 
actually add those projects to Eclipse using the generated .project and 
.classpath files from the above command.  This way, all the projects 
would just be sitting there the next time you started Eclipse.  This 
would be something like:

"maven -Dgoal=eclipse:add-project multiproject:goal"

Does such a thing exist?

Thanks so much.


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