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From Peter Nabbefeld <>
Subject How are xdocs processed?
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 14:52:37 GMT


I want to create a modified style sheet to generate JavaHelp files, so I 
need to know something about how it is working.

1. I've not found a complete description of the xdoc format, other than 
a shortly described example for anakia. Especially there is a question 
about subsections: The example does not make clear, if subsections can 
be nested (while I tend to say, it's not possible, this would not really 
make sense). Why isn't there a DTD (or am I looking at the wrong places)?

2. The stylesheet references $doc and $nav - what are the values of the 
variables, what do they reference? Are there other such (useful) references?

3. A JavaBean is referenced from the stylesheet - which properties can I 
use? Can I probably use my own bean? Will I have to implement a special 
interface then?

Kind regards

Peter Nabbefeld

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