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From Josip Gracin <>
Subject Problem with system properties with dots in their names
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 20:52:22 GMT

I have the following piece of code in maven.xml.  Note the usage of my 
custom system property
"acceptancetesturi".  The problem is that Maven recognizes system 
properties only if there are no
dots within their names.  For example, if I want to use something like 
"acceptance.test.uri" instead
of "acceptancetesturi", it doesn't work.  (From  a quick look, I conclude 
that Maven takes only the
part until the first dot.)  Why is this and is there a way to make Maven 
recognize properties with
dots in their names.

	<preGoal name="test:test">
		<j:if test="${empty(acceptancetesturi)}">

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