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From Webb Morris <>
Subject Multiproject:site and inherited properties
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 15:38:04 GMT
I have a multilevel project inheritance structure. Where project C inherits from project B
inherits from project A, etc.  I have some properties set up at the top level in for things like checkstyle.xml and liscense.txt.  If I run site:generate
the bottom level project, it finds these properties and executes correctly.  However, if I
multiproject:site from the mid-level project, the "leaf" projects can not find the checkstyle
liscense information any longer.

In $(user.home}/, I have:


In the midlevel project.xml, I have:


In the "leaf" projects, I have:


As you can see, my directory structure looks similar to this

- Top Level Project A
- Mid Level Project B
  - Leaf Project C

Where A and B are on the same directory "level" and C is a direct child of B.

Any ideas as to why when multiproject:site runs it can not find the correct properties, but
site:generate can?



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