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From "Alex Shneyderman" <>
Subject Patch, how to submit? Whom to bother?
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 17:35:48 GMT

I made some modifications to hibernate plugin. 

1. Added aggregate-mappings goal. When executed the goal will aggregate
mappings from separate mapping files into one single mapping file.

2. Modified schema-export goal, so that you can specify multiple base
directories. Basically my generated classes sit in a separate tree from
my hbm.xml mapping files. With unpatched version I was forced to put
mapping files into the same dir as my generated classes. So I modified
SchemaExportBean a bit to accommodate multiple base directories.

I am attaching the patch here, since I can't seem to find any fields in
JIRA that will allow me to attach a file, when I try to create an issue.
If there is another way of submitting the patch, please let me know.


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