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From "Arto Pastinen" <>
Subject Re: Why don't I get any answer?
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 06:42:47 GMT

About that first question.

Following is from maven reference (part: Properties Processing) :

In addition, System properties are processed after the above chain of  
properties files are processed. So, a property specified on the CLI using  
the -Dproperty=value convention will override any previous definition of  
that property.

So you can edit your maven script to find what ever you like properties.
And quick inspect in maven script shows, that it even inspect  
$home/.mavenrc where you can also define something.

On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 16:27:37 +1000, Dion Gillard <>  

> On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 08:23:51 +0200, Peter Nabbefeld
> <> wrote:
>> Dion Gillard schrieb:
>> > What were your questions?
>> >
>> June, 13th:
>> I've seen, that the overall user preferences for maven have to be stored
>> in ${user.home}/ I'd prefer to either put it into
>> ${user.home}/.maven/ or to rename it to
>> ${user.home}/ Can I manage it from a config file?
> No.
>> IMO, is a common name, and if I cannot assign it after
>> a while to the correct application (who cares about the config of a
>> running application?), it could be accidently deleted.
>> June, 14th:
>> could You please support a goal for the JDK 1.5 Apt utility?
> It's not planned immediately. However, some discussion about what a
> plugin would look like and how this would affect the java plugin would
> be good.
> As an open source project, we are volunteers. We usually don't just do
> what someone asks, we work on the things that are important to us.
> If you would like a feature added to Maven as a plugin, raise it in
> our bug tracking system jira.
>> June, 20th:
>> parameters for goals seem to be poorly documented. Is there a chance to
>> ask the plugins for parameters, probably even programmatically?
> No, this is not possible at the moment.
>> June, 20th:
>> in the user guide it is mentioned, that project.xml contains a jelly
>> script. As I've not found any maven jelly tags like 'jelly:project', I
> Project.xml doesn't contain a jelly script. If you could point out
> where in the guide it says that, we'll fix it.
>> wonder where is the jelly part or how maven parses/executes the file.
>> Probably I can find out myself, if You could tell me, where (in which
>> java source) the file project.xml is parsed.
> It's in org.apache.maven.MavenUtils.
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