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From Dion Gillard <>
Subject Re: RFE for the war plugin
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:55:24 GMT
Send the patch in and lets talk it through.

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:38:22 -0400, Brill Pappin <> wrote:
> First, let me apologize to the list for being short yesterday, it was
> entirely born out of have to explain things 4 times and still getting
> negative feedback that didn't address the issue.
> Ryan Sonnek wrote:
> >whoo now, i don't want to get involved, but i do want to let it be known that since
this is an open source project, nothing is stopping you from adding the feature you're asking
> >* download the source from cvs
> >* make the change you're requesting
> >* submit the change as a patch to JIRA.
> >* hope that a commiter will take the patch and apply it to the codebase!  =)
> >
> >
> You are absolutely right and I'll endeavor to do that. However in a
> messaged dated 06/29/04 09:11 M.M. so much as said it wouldn't be added
> despite not bothering to look into it, or even understand what "it" was.
> I will attempt to create a patch for this and submit it though the
> "proper" channels, in fact I think there was some code posted to the
> list that would do the trick, and I'll start with that.
> Now, because I no longer trust that at least one developer on this list
> actually understands how his (and therefor my) system works, is there
> another developer with commit access that will review the request?
> - Brill Pappin
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