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From "Ang Eng Hoe" <>
Subject Unable to read build properties file under non-standard Windows installation
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 02:38:10 GMT
I have my Windows OS installed in the d: drive (instead of the standard c: 

When I run Maven, it is able to create the correct .maven directory under 
d:\Documents and Settings\user.  However, when I create a 
file under d:\Documents and Settings\user, I found that Maven is not reading 
the properties that I had set in the file.

To get the Maven to read the file, I had to issue the 
following command:
Maven -Duser.home=d:\Docume~1\user goal

>From the user guide, I found that maven.home.local=${user.home}/.maven, and 
that Maven will process the properties file ${user.home}/  
So I am puzzled why the different behaviour for the creation of the .maven 
directory, and the reading of file.

Has anyone encounter the same problem?  Is this a Maven's bug?

Eng Hoe

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