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From "Amato Massimiliano \(TLAB\)" <>
Subject Problem between Maven and Eclipse
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 11:53:32 GMT

I am starting to integrating all my tests into my environment, but i've found a problem.

My tests needs to read some settings from configuration files while others reads data from
XML. I have all those files under test/conf dir so when I launch "maven test" those are moved
into target/test-classes and succesfully read by test classes.

Now the problem, I work with eclipse and i'd like to launch some tests under that IDE, because
it is faster than rerun all the tests for a project, but obviously the files are not found.
I tought about it and I realized that the class dir in eclipse should be different than target/classes
since in this way also test class are put in that directory that under maven should not contain

Anyone has ever solved this problem, since I cannot imagine a solution to force eclipse to
copy conf files into the right directory or another workaround

Another problem I had with Eclipse is that since I work with CVS eclipse see the CVS directory
under the src tree and copy those files under the class directory and sometimes doesn't compile.

I had to modify the eclipse plugin so by default it excludes CVS directories.

Thanks for any help

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