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From "Bielby, Randy J" <>
Subject RE: Goal order
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 17:43:50 GMT
Yes, there is an easier way to work with Maven.  But I don't have the
luxury  (see thread
rg&msgNo=13520).  Although some would argue that it's not a luxury, and
I'd have to agree.

So, if I am going to try to build this from the pom, without having all
dependencies available in the repository, I need to get my cvs checkout
of at least the web-inf/lib to run prior to the dependencies goal.

Randy Bielby

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>Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 9:44 AM
>To: Maven Users List
>Subject: Re: Goal order
>Are you saying that your project dependencies (jar files) are stored in
>How often are these jar files updated?  
>Have you tried setting up your local and/or local-remote 
>repository that
>contains these jar files?  
>What is the supposed to be the end result of your build?  War?
>And I would guess that by adding a war:install goal, you want it
>installed in your local repository.  
>I'm asking because I think there is an easier way to use Maven than the
>way you are.
>Steve Lohrenz
>"Bielby, Randy J" <> wrote on 06/15/2004, 04:22:02 PM:
>> Thanks to some good response from the list I've made some progress in
>> getting my build process into Maven.  
>> I am pulling some of my dependencies from my WEB-INF/lib by 
>> the maven.jar property and using the jar element in the 
>dependency goal.
>> In order to make this work though I first have to have a copy of my
>> projects from CVS.  If I remove them I get errors that no 
>download url
>> was specified for the jars and thus the build stops due to the
>> dependencies not being fulfilled.  I have also added a goal for
>> war:install to my maven.xml file.
>> The problem is that it appears the dependencies are running 
>prior to the
>> cvs checkout.  But since many of the jars are being pulled 
>from one of
>> the projects within cvs, it errors off, chicken of the egg scenario.
>> So, I either have something missing that will tell Maven that my
>> dependencies are in one of the projects being pulled from 
>CVS or I need
>> to adjust the order of the goals, scm first and then dependencies.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Randy Bielby
>> x32258
>Steven Lohrenz
>086 177 4024
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