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From "Göschl,Siegfried" <>
Subject RE: Custom Ant task parameters not read?
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 12:22:10 GMT
Hi Ian,

What you could try is to start an ANT process instead of an ANT task with Maven


Siegfried Goeschl

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian Neruda [] 
Sent: Donnerstag, 03. Juni 2004 14:04
Subject: Custom Ant task parameters not read?


In last week I managed to migrate our ant build
process to ant. One last thing I need to do is code obfuscation. I'm using yguard ant task.
Obfuscation works but it doesn't receive proper parameters with names of classes that must
be excluded from obfuscation. Here's example:

<goal name="crm:obfuscate"> 
 <ant:taskdef name="yguard" classname="com.yworks.yguard.ObfuscatorTask"
 <j:if test="${obfuscate != 'false'}">
   <yguard replaceclassnamestrings="false" logfile="${}/yguard.log">
     <property name="error-checking"
     <property name="language-conformity"
     <inoutpair in="${}/CRM.jar"
        <class classes="private" methods="private" fields="private">
            <include name="hr.sedamit.util.String*"/>
        <method class="hr.sedamit.swf.fileupload.FileUploadHandlerFactory"
 name="void setFileRepositoryPath(java.lang.String)"/>
name="void initialize()"/>
class="hr.sedamit.crm.setup.GraphSetup"  name="void initialize()"/>
        <method class="hr.sedamit.swf.taglib.components.filter.FilterUtils"
 name="void registerBuilders()"/>
name="void setExternalDataSource(hr.sedamit.swf.history.HistoryExternalDataSource)"/>

Problem is that whatever parameters I put inside
expose tag, only method tags with classes FilterUtils, PickerInitializer and GraphSetup are
excluded from obfuscation. I checked it in yguard log, and it says the same. When I use exactly
same ant task with ant it works OK. It don't think that this is maven's fault, but I'm out
of ideas.

Thanks, Ian

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