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From Andreas Frei <>
Subject upload to ibiblio policy
Date Sun, 13 Jun 2004 08:47:21 GMT
I would like to know what's the policy of maintaining the ibiblio/maven 
repository in case a new version of a project is not yet available in 
ibiblio but on the projects main site?  Is everybody able to upload a 
new version with the appropriate license, like the one already in the 
repository or only the one who uploaded it at the first time?
If yes, isn't this a security problem, as everybody could upload 
anything? If no, how do you handle the security issue?

I see in many ibiblio/maven hosted projects with older versions but I 
would like to use the newest versions and have therefore to build up my 
own repository and hope before my project gets released the dependencies 
are updated on ibiblio otherwise I have to put my repository online 
which is maybe again a problem due to copyrights.

Do you think a "repository of trust" where everybody could upload the 
newest required version is viable?


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