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From "J. B. Rainsberger" <>
Subject D'oh! but more (Re: site:deploy with different user?)
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 12:23:21 GMT
J. B. Rainsberger wrote:

> I am still searching the archives for an answer, but...
> When I invoke the site:deploy task, Maven tries to upload files to my 
> ISP using my Windows username, which is different from my ISP username. 
> How do I change the username that my ssh command uses? Is there a 
> property for this?
> Thanks.

OK, now that I'm more awake, I can see that there is the global username 
property "maven.username". Now I have a problem:

I need different usernames to connect to CVS and my ISP. I can't use 
"maven.username" for both. What can I do?

J. B. Rainsberger,
Diaspar Software Services :: +1 416 791-8603
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