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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: How-to build *RC3* from source
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 01:17:18 GMT
Hi Sean,

There is currently no way to rebuild a set of plugins that was bundled 
with a Maven release unfortunately. Other than that what you've done is 
correct. You can acheckout a specific release of plugin by the tag for 
that plugin's release.

Alternatively, you can use the maven:installer goal on the maven tree to 
build a maven release using the latest plugin *releases* from your CVS 
checkout (it will download the releases rather than build them).

- Brett

M. Sean Gilligan wrote:

>How do you build a *particular release* (in this case RC3) of Maven from source?
>Normally, I would download a source tarball for the given release and build from that,
but the Maven project doesn't provide one.
>I can successfully build from source (using the bootstrap instructions) by using CVS to
fetch the code using the MAVEN_1_0_RC3 tag for "maven",  but what tag do I use for "maven-plugins"??
 (Using HEAD, Maven builds and installs 1.4-SNAPSHOT of jnlp which seems to have a problem.)
 How do I check-out the revisions of the files in the "maven-plugins" module that match the
ones used to build RC3?
>Alternatively, are there any plans to make source tarballs available for releases?
>I'm trying build a Mac OS X installer package for Maven using the DarwinPorts (
system.  I can build the package successfully from the binary download, but the DarwinPorts
philosophy is to build things from source where possible.

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