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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: problem with modifying bundled plugins in rc3
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 23:47:34 GMT
Thanks Denis. This is already open in JIRA - differing versions of 
installed plugins will not be available until after Maven 1.0

Denis McLaughlin wrote:

>  I've begun to use Maven RC3, and have noticed a problem when trying to
>use a modified version of one of the plugins bundled with RC3.
>  I've been discussing fixes to the javadoc plugin on the list.  The
>patched javadoc plugin wasn't in RC3, but that's cool, I'm sure it'll be
>in the next release.  However, because I need the new functionality, I
>had to patch the javadoc plugin that came with RC3.
>  So I took a copy of the maven-javadoc-plugin-1.5.jar from
>MAVEN_HOME/plugins, unjarred it, modified the plugin.jelly file to get
>it to use maven.compile.src.set, rejarred it as
>maven-javadoc-plugin-1.5-dm1.jar and put it on my repository
>(maven.repo.remote).  Then I went into my project and changed the
>project.xml to refer to my modified javadoc plugin.
>  When I then ran a clean or a build, maven would install both the
>vanilla 1.5 plugin and my modified plugin in ~/.maven/plugins.  However,
>when I actually executed the javadoc:generate goal, it used the goal as
>described by the vanilla 1.5 plugin, rather than using my modified
>plugin.  This was in spite of my having made no mention in any
>project.xml files to the vanilla plugin, I was only specifying a
>dependency on my modified plugin.
>  After playing with it, I found the following:
> - for any goal that was in the vanilla 1.5 plugin, but not in my
>modified plugin, the goal from the vanilla plugin would be used
> - for any goal that was in my modified plugin, but not in the vanilla
>1.5 plugin, the goal from my modified plugin would be used
> - for any goal that was in both the vanilla 1.5 plugin and in my
>modified plugin, the goal from the vanilla plugin would be used
>  To work around this problem, I deleted the vanilla 1.5 plugin from
>MAVEN_HOME/plugins: then only my modified plugin would be installed into
>~/.maven, and the correct goal would be run.
>  Anything I'm doing wrong?  If this sounds like an unreported bug, I'll
>open a jira against it.
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