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From Eric Giguere <>
Subject Re: Multiproject crashing java?
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 15:31:05 GMT
Hi Mike

I constantly run in these memory issues with reports...

Concerning checkstyle (that one can generate HUGE reports that my 
browser cannot even load!), if you still want to see it (it is usefull 
after all), you can customize the checkstyle engine to skip some tests. 
Currently (by default), checkstyle uses Sun's specifications concerning 
code formatting. Some of their recommendations are a little overkill 
IMHO, especially if you deal with a code base that was not created 
respecting thesestandards.

For instance, here, we comment those items from the checkstyle config 
xml file and we reduced significantly the number of errors and warings 
reported by checkstyle (from 113000 to under 60000) :
<module name="JavadocMethod"/>
<module name="JavadocVariable"/>
<module name="DesignForExtension"/>
<module name="RegexpHeader"/>

This, couple with a proper configuration of your favorite code styling 
engine will dramatically reduce the nb. or errors/warnings.

These problems are from the plugins themselves along with the XSLT that 
is executed on the xml versions of the reports. While it generates HTML 
for the report, the complete xml files is parsed and held in memory. So 
other than reducing the size of the reports (if possible), there is no 
real "recommended" values since this whole issue has 2 sources that can 
hardly be generalized:
1- the report plugin
2- the project itself

Ex. Our code base here is 2 years old. The cvsstat report for the 
project's evolution is so big that some browsers cannot even load it. 
And those that can, well, you cannot conclude anything since its so 
small it doesn't make sense. The original xml file for the report is 50 
megs! I had to set the maven mx parameter to 700 megs to get it done.

I'm currently thinking and trying to code some about some kind of patch 
to the report  plugins and the xdoc plugin to tackle this problem... The 
solution to this problem is not obvious and hard to generalize but we'll 

Hope it helps


Mike Sluyter wrote:

>I'm trying to do a multiproject site (under Windows) and often get a java
>crash (usually during checkstyle). I'm using JDK 1.4.2_04. Although I can
>work around this by disabling the checkstyle report, I was curious in
>general if there were any recommendations as to the optimal java heap/stack
>sizes to use? I tried upping java's -Xmx to 1024m and -Xss to 1024k, and
>this initially seemed to resolve the problem, but now I'm seeing it again. I
>may try messing with the heap/stack sizes some more, but I was just curious
>if anyone had seen similar issues.
>Mike Sluyter 

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