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From "Oliver Noelle" <>
Subject AW: deploying plugin jars
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 10:05:22 GMT
> maven plugin:repository-deploy (like jar:deploy) builds a plugin and
> puts it into your remote repository.

Brett, where is the goal "plugin:repository-deploy" documented? I can't 
find anything on the plugin's documentation 
(, and using 
"maven -g" I just find an empty entry, and I just find it because now I 
know that this entry should exist!

I had exactly the same problem before and wrote my own goal to do the 

I don't think it's acceptable to find out these things via the mailing 
list! I think an existing goal which is not internal must be documented 
properly on the plugins page! You don't want to spend all your time on 
answering all these questions on the mailing list that could be answered 
by looking at the docs, do you? But if people don't find anything in the 
docs anyway, they won't even try in the future... I think you have to 
educate the users to lookup the docs before consulting the mailing list, 
but this assumes that the docs are kept in an appropriate quality and 

Just my 2 cents, because right now I tend to use maven more and more 
without following the mailing list, and it just does not work, because 
there is too much info on the list which I would expect to find in the 

Oliver Noelle

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