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From David R Robison <>
Subject Re: Newbe: Maven vs AntHill
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 17:05:14 GMT
Can Maven "fetch changed sources from a source repository" during a build?

Erik Husby wrote:

> David R Robison wrote:
>> I am new to Maven. Can anyone tell me how Maven compares to AntHill 
>> OS and/or AntHill Pro?
>> Thanks,
>> David Robison
> No relationship other than one can schedule Maven based builds using 
> Anthill.
> Maven is a build tool that extends the capabilities of Ant in new and 
> interesting ways.
> Anthill is build scheduling tool. One uses Anthill to fetch changed 
> sources from a source repository and initiate builds.
> Anthill OS can be tricked into running Maven based builds by using a 
> simple Ant script that launches Maven.
> Anthill Pro can, I believe, invoke Maven directly.
> I am using Anthill OS to run my Maven based builds.


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