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From "Magnus Stattin" <>
Subject Re: Réf. : Réf. : EJB files for client
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 13:41:04 GMT
Thank you Nicolas, that helped a lot. I still need to get this client.jar
to be installed in the repository so that it will be available to the
clients, right? 

I couldn't find any support for this in the ejb plugin. I tried to add
this goal to the the ejb-plugin but it installs the client jar with the
normal artifact name and not with the -client ending.

  <!-- Install the ejb-client in the local repository                   -->
  <goal name="ejb:install-client"
        description="Install the ejb-client in the local repository">

I hope I make myself understood. I am just not getting how to make this

/Best Regards

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