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From Dalibor Topic <>
Subject Re: new idea on maven usage?
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 10:48:49 GMT
Hi Michal,

Maczka Michal wrote:

> I think it will be doable via the proper parameterisation (more params) and
> interpolation of layout e.g.
> native=${groupId}/native/${platform}/${arch}/${artifactId}-${version}.so

Looks much better to me. There are still some interesting issues, 
though. Let's talk about dynamic libraries written in C++. Different C++ 
compilers can produce incompatible libraries, since the name mangling is 
not specified in the C++ standard. So you need to differentiate 
generated binaries accroding to the compiler, and its version, too.

For example, if you try to link a C++ .so compiled with g++ 2.95 to a 
C++ .so file compiled with g++ 3.2, you will have massive problems.

dalibor topic

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