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From "Age Mooy" <>
Subject Problems with https maven remote repo
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 14:15:58 GMT

We have recently moved our in-house maven remote repo to sit behind
https and a server-side certificate. Since then I've been trying to get
artifact downloading to work again. I've added our server-side SSL
certificate to the truststore of the relevant JVM  but maven (rc1 on
windows, jdk 1.4.2_03) keeps failing with a "
Connection refused" message.

I've written a quick unit test that does exactly the same thing as the
Maven HttpUtils class. This test runs fine and the artifact gets
downloaded. Then I changed the unit test to explicitly call the maven
HttpUtils.getFile() method. This also went fine.

If I turn on SSL tracing, I can see that the local truststore is found
and that it contains the correct certificate. But when running maven
from the command line, instead of initiating the SSL handshake process,
it stops after veryfying the truststore and throws the
" Connection refused" exception.

Does anyone know what could influence the behaviour of HttpUtils when
called from withing maven ? Has anyone seen this behaviour before ?


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